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E-Willow Bats

E-Willow Bats

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    • E-willow bats are hand crafted from A-grade english willow that is hard pressed to attain maximum sweet spot and fine ping.
    • These bats are durable and designed for hitters to smash boundaries.
    • Pre-Knocked and shaped to give perfect balance.
    • Suitable for leather and hard tennis cricket balls.
    • Singapore Cane Handle with Grip helps hold the bat firmly, without slipping while playing shots.


      English Willow


      Width : 4.3 in
      Length : 40 in
      Edge : 2.6 in

      Care information

      1. When not in use, keep your cricket bat dry, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
      2. When not in use, always place the bat inside its cover.
      3. Do not try to reduce the weight of the bat by removing parts of the willow.

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